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The Art of Experiment 
Post-pandemic Knowledge Practices for 21st Century Architecture and Design

Rolf Hughes
Rachel Armstrong

Published by Routledge, 2021
ISBN 9781138479579

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The Art of Experiment is a handbook for navigating our troubled and precarious times. In search of new knowledge practices that can help us make the world livable again, this book takes the reader on a journey across time—from the deep past to the unfolding future. Hughes and Armstrong search beyond human knowledge to establish negotiated partnerships with forms of knowledge within the planet itself, examining how we have manipulated these historically through an anthropocentric focus.

Rachel Armstrong and Rolf Hughes speak with Pierre d’Alancaisez about their approach to knowledge-making and organa paradoxa as an apparatus for incorporating the unexpected into research and practices. They also talk about sending cockroaches into space, living Shakespearean bricks, and about the value of experimentation in establishing productive cross-disciplinary collaborations.