What Do Men Want? 
Masculinity and Its Discontents

Nina Power

Published by Penguin/Allen Lane, 2022
ISBN 9780241356500

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Something is definitely up with men. From millions online who engage with the manosphere to the #metoo backlash, from Men’s Rights activists and incels to spiralling suicide rates, it’s easy to see that, while men still rule the world, masculinity is in crisis. Feminism has gone some way towards dismantling the patriarchy, but how can we hold on to the best aspects of our metaphorical Father? 

Nina Power speaks to Pierre d’Alancaisez about the challenge of accepting biological differences and the potential for men and women living well in a world where capitalism has replaced the values – family, religion, service, and honour – that used to give our lives meaning.

Nina Power is a philosopher, critic, and cultural theorist. She is the author of One Dimensional Woman, a co-host of The Lack, and she publishes a newsletter on Substack.