Amanda Wall


On until 22 December 2023

In Wall’s femcel portraits, despair is sexy. Larger than life and rendered in Insta colours that could have been the choice of an image AI, her women perch at the bed’s end, squat by the wardrobe, and rest at the kitchen table. They’re bent out of proportion, showing off their skinny asses to the collector’s delight. Their boob tubes are tight, their shorts short. They play tired, scared, and helpless, just like you like them. They pulled these faces for you before. You will come back for more again.

The self-taught and presumably terminally online Wall may have experienced the faux emancipation of an e-girl first-hand. But her paintings are too brash and denatured to win in the battle over the 21st-century female body. Maybe sex work is the only work left in a world with no sex and universal online income. But there’s no dignity in paint when the arc of art history tends to “show hole”.

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Michael Simpson at Modern Art ★★★★☆

Michael Simpson


In this meditation of surface disguised as a study of objects, neither is a truer likeness of the events.

Manfred Pernice, Megan Plunknett, >anticorpo< at Galerie Neu and Emalin ★★★★☆

Manfred Pernice, Megan Plunknett



Such ‘80s nostalgia for meaning before history’s end is a comfort blanket.

Michael Andrew Page, Claustrum at Project Native Informant ★★★★☆

Michael Andrew Page



Page’s tent, brain, and the cathedral take the same form for a pretty good reason.

Christo, Early Works at Gagosian Open ★★★★☆


Early Works


To appreciate Christo’s early works against his wishes, one must forget his later stunts.

Sylvie Fleury, S.F. at Sprüth Magers ★★★☆☆

Sylvie Fleury



In Fleury’s car workshop cum womenswear boutique, everything is ready-made and ready-to-wear. But you can’t touch any of it and you certainly can’t afford it.

Avery Singer, Free Fall at Hauser & Wirth ★★☆☆☆

Avery Singer

Free Fall


This show would be better without the baggage of the artist’s personal story and even better without the Twin Towers altogether.