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edited by Anthony Downey

I’m good at love, I’m good at hate, it’s in between I freeze / Michael Rakowitz

The General’s Stork / Heba Y. Amin

Published by Sternberg Press, 2019, 2020
ISBN 9783956794766, 9783956794780

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In 2013, Egyptian authorities detained a migratory stork for espionage. This incident is the focus of Heba Y. Amin’s The General’s Stork, an ongoing project that investigates the politics of aerial surveillance. It is also the subject of the most recent book in the Research/Practice edited by Anthony Downey.

Research/Practice focuses on artistic research and how it contributes to the formation of experimental knowledge systems. Drawing on preliminary material such as diaries, notebooks, audiovisual content, digital and social media, informal communications, and abandoned drafts, the series examines the interdisciplinary research methods that artists employ in their practices. In their often speculative and yet purposeful approach to generating research, what forms of knowledge do artists produce?

Anthony Downey, speaks with Pierre d’Alancaisez about the work of Heba Y. Amin and her exhibition at the Mosaic Rooms which he curated and the epistemic implications of cartographic imaging and computer vision for our understanding and command of territories. Downey also discusses I’m Good at Love, I’m Good at Hate, It’s in Between I Freeze, a volume in the series that follows the artist Michael Rakowitz as he attempts to restage a concert by the singer Leonard Cohen that never took place in the occupied Palestinian territory.