The Artist’s Novel
A New Medium
The Fantasy of the Novel

David Maroto

Published by Mousse, 2020
ISBN 9788867494224, 9788867494255

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For better or worse, artists write. But why would a visual artist write a novel? How should such a novel be experienced? How does the artist’s novel compare or compete with literary fiction as we know it?

David Maroto, the author of The Artist’s Novel considers the proliferation of artists writing novels as a sign of the emergence of a new medium. Artists engaging in this new medium do so in order to address artistic issues by means of novelistic devices, favouring a sort of art predicated on process and subjectivity, introducing notions such as fiction, narrative, and imagination. Maroto’s work is the first to explore the subject of the artist’s novel in depth.

David Maroto speaks to Pierre d’Alancaisez about the artist’s novel and the demands it makes on its readers and, as he found out through his own practice, on its curators and publishers. David reads from Benjamin Seror’s Mime Radio and voices the mythical satyr Marsyas but, sadly, stops short of singing.

David Maroto is a visual artist, researcher, writer, and curator based in Rotterdam.