Avery Singer
Free Fall


On until 22 December 2023

It’s officially no longer “too soon” for mediocre 9/11 art. Singer’s installation mimics the lobby and office spaces of the World Trade Center which she remembers from visiting her mother at work. This could be a trauma theme park but is instead an excuse to show off a handful of paintings of characters associated with the attacks. The stylised photorealistic canvases have titles that suggest deepfakes and are elaborate in their making: a 3D artist, a model maker, and a make-up specialist are involved. 

Singer has the benefit of ‘lived experience’ to defend her method but the content and extravagance of this production in central London are puzzling. This show would be better without the baggage of the artist’s personal story and even better without the Twin Towers altogether. The qualities of the image and Singer’s idiosyncratic construction of her subject are enough to deal with the event’s excess.

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Teewon Ahn and Ibrahim Meïté Sikely at Gianni Manhattan and P21 at Project Native Informant ★★★☆☆

Teewon Ahn and Ibrahim Meïté Sikely


These works are as garish as they are fun to look at.

Auudi Dorsey at PM/AM ★★★★☆

Auudi Dorsey


Dorsey records the human experience with the true universalism of paint.

Nicole Eisenman, What Happened at Whitechapel Gallery ★★★☆☆

Nicole Eisenman

What Happened


There’s a Bosch hellscape dedicated to Trump and a whole “basket of deplorables” polishing their guns in a prepper cell.

Christo, Early Works at Gagosian Open ★★★★☆


Early Works


To appreciate Christo’s early works against his wishes, one must forget his later stunts.

Ithaca at Herald St ★★★★☆

Christopher Aque, Alekos Fassianos, Luigi Ghirri, Jessie Stevenson, George Tourkovasilis



This show drips with affectation that wouldn’t survive a minute tomorrow.

Stephen Willats, Time Tumbler at Victoria Miro

Stephen Willats

Time Tumbler


Willats orders fragments of time, matter, and space into data packets on one side of the flow chart and puts them to use on the other.