Christine Ay Tjoe

Lesser Numerator


On until 13 January 2024

Aj Tjoe’s paintings could make great scenic backdrops to a David Attenborough documentary on the life of wild rodents or an episode of The Human Body. Each of the canvases, only lightly primed and rendered in a restricted palette, looks inside what could be a rat’s warren in winter or the cavity between the human heart and the lungs. 

The show hopes to run multiple seasons and the painter made nearly a dozen of these images, one only slightly different from the last. But these paintings show no story and no evolution. Such pseudo-anatomical sketches can only hope to make set dressing for the tense psychological drama that Aj Tjoe would rather have us watch.

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Michaël Borremans, The Monkey at David Zwirner ★★★★★

Michaël Borremans

The Monkey


Borremans toys with his subjects, his audience, and with art history.

Sylvie Fleury, S.F. at Sprüth Magers ★★★☆☆

Sylvie Fleury



In Fleury’s car workshop cum womenswear boutique, everything is ready-made and ready-to-wear. But you can’t touch any of it and you certainly can’t afford it.

Paulina Olowska at Pace ★★★★☆

Paulina Olowska

Squelchy Garden Mules and Mamunas


It should be within the resources of Pace and Olowska’s experience to advance her legend beyond the discretely marketable.

Entangled Pasts at The Royal Academy ★★☆☆☆

Entangled Pasts, 1768–now


Who could have thought that these mantras would turn into rote?

Nicola Turner, Edward Bekkerman at Shtager&Shch ★★☆☆☆

Nicola Turner, Edward Bekkerman

The Song of Psyche: Corners of a Soul's Otherworlds


Who opens a space in Fitzrovia only to fill it with such drivel?

Some May Work as Symbols at Raven Row ★★★★☆

Some May Work as Symbols: Art Made in Brazil, 1950s–70s


Art history can catch modernity in splitting from the past and thus from itself.