Trevor Yeung
Courtyard of Attachments


Curated by Olivia Chow
On until 24 November 2024

Young previously found recognition for his faux zoology and pseudo anthropological studies of fungi and gay cruising. This time, he dispensed with the live subject altogether and turned the Hong Kong exhibition into a ghostly aquarian pet shop. Rows of watery glass cubes line a hobbyist’s dream adventure space. Some of the aquaria are fitted with fish castles, others bear traces of photosynthetic activity induced by the purple fluorescent light hues typical of this environment.

But there are no fish. A single net miserably dangled over a bucket reminds anyone seduced by this sci-fi hall of mirrors that all this engineering is nothing lest life – and thus peril – are a key part of it. Sadly, Yeung seems to have missed his own point here and, as he did in some earlier work, the lesson slips past the viewer. This fishbowl universe is easy sea comfort but ultimately no sushi.

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Odoteres Ricardo de Ozias at David Zwirner ★★★☆☆

Odoteres Ricardo de Ozias


These images are perfectly charming even to a viewer possessed of a cold anthropological eye. The troubling part is in realising just how far ‘outside’ the ideas are.

Lutz Bacher, AYE! at Raven Row ★★★★☆

Lutz Bacher



There’s joy in repetition. There’s joy in repetition. There’s joy in repetition. There’s joy in repetition. There’s joy in repetition. There’s joy in repetition.

Ed Webb-Ingall, A Bedroom for Everyone at PEER ★☆☆☆☆

Ed Webb-Ingall

A Bedroom for Everyone


How can art improve the lives of communities? Wrong answers only.

Auudi Dorsey at PM/AM ★★★★☆

Auudi Dorsey


Dorsey records the human experience with the true universalism of paint.

Stephen Willats, Time Tumbler at Victoria Miro

Stephen Willats

Time Tumbler


Willats orders fragments of time, matter, and space into data packets on one side of the flow chart and puts them to use on the other.

Talar Aghabshian, Solace of the Afterimage at Marfa’ at The Approach ★★☆☆☆

Talar Aghbashian

Solace of the Afterimage


The carpet dealer gallerist’s zeal reveals the work’s lamentable inadequacy.