Christopher Aque, Alekos Fassianos, Luigi Ghirri, Jessie Stevenson, George Tourkovasilis


On until 17 February 2024

Ithaca encapsulates the art world’s current seasonal nostalgia and ritual displays of homesickness. Fittingly, this project takes its name from 1911 verse by modern Greece’s national poet C. P. Cavafy and not Homer’s blueprint. George Tourkovasilis’ candid snapshots of Hellenic youths arrest the anxious onset of adulthood. Alekos Fassianos’ oil portraits show mythical man-gods locked in a battle with time as if this were their lot forever.

What’s new becomes old. Christopher Aque’s photographs bleached out by the scorching sun call for a bygone innocence even though their subject knows death. Luigi Ghirri’s postcard images mix signposts and signifiers and where is home next is yet to be found. Only Jessie Stevenson’s abstracted oil views of North Norfolk marshlands turn to the natural entirely and thus leave Odysseus with no landmark to set his sail by.

Such escapism, typical of Herald St’s programme, becomes increasingly difficult to pull off. This show drips with affectation that wouldn’t survive a minute tomorrow. But all is forgiven in this land of other people’s memories. Some artists, we fantasize, may yet reach their land. 

notes and notices are short and curt exhibition reviews. Read more:

Atiéna R Kilfa, Primitive Tales, at Cabinet ★☆☆☆☆

Atiéna R. Kilfa

Primitive Tales


An uninspired re-staging of the artist’s Camden Arts Centre show.

Talar Aghabshian, Solace of the Afterimage at Marfa’ at The Approach ★★☆☆☆

Talar Aghbashian

Solace of the Afterimage


The carpet dealer gallerist’s zeal reveals the work’s lamentable inadequacy. 

Odoteres Ricardo de Ozias at David Zwirner ★★★☆☆

Odoteres Ricardo de Ozias


These images are perfectly charming even to a viewer possessed of a cold anthropological eye. The troubling part is in realising just how far ‘outside’ the ideas are.

Ksenia Pedan, Revision at Cell Project Space ★★★★☆

Ksenia Pedan



Pedan’s paintings would rather be anything but.

Iris Touliatou, Outfits at PEER ★★★☆☆

Iris Touliatou



These gestures remind the gallery that it is a social space. Unfortunately, they also inadvertently point to its sorry end.

Francesca DiMattio, Wedgwood at Pippy Houldsworth ★★★☆☆

Francesca DiMattio



In DiMattio’s giant ceramics kiln, everyday motifs like sneakers and knickers clash into the ornate Rococo stove and the Victorian China snuff box.